Galileo HUD Mask-Mounted Dive Computer launched by SCUBAPRO


A great equipment for the scuba divers has been launched by SCUBAPRO. This is a computer especially made for the Scuba Divers. This is the Galileo HUD Mask-Mounted Dive Computer. Let us have a look at the features of this device.

Galileo HUD Mask-Mounted Dive Computer

Galileo HUD Mask-Mounted Dive Computer Features

This is an innovative and hands-free dive computer. The diver can be remained fully immersed in the surroundings by showing the virtual display. The diver can see the essential information on the virtual display which appears to sit around 3 ft in front of the user’s field of vision.

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This is a cutting-edge stand standalone dive computer which can be mounted on a dive mask. It is using near-eye optics, it has micro OLED display which provides important dive data in ambient light conditions.

Galileo HUD Mask-Mounted Dive Computer launched by SCUBAPRO

There are operating modes like Gauge, Scuba, CCR and Freediving. It has PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) it technology.

It has microbubble levels, which helps the diver to use less nitrogen or off-gas more nitrogen before returning to the surface.

Price: $1,699

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