element14 Nanopower Sensor IC from Honeywell in Asia-PacifIC announced


The addition of Honeywell Nanopower Anisotropic Magneto resistive Sensor IC Sensor has been announced by element14 to its already existing product line. It’s a first of its own kind. The new Nanopower ICs are smaller in size with a high range of magnetic sensitivity, as low as 7 Gauss typical while requiring nanopower upto 360 nA value. They are smaller and much more durable and reliable than the reed switches which operate at almost same cost and sensitivity.

element14 Nanopower Sensor

element14 Nanopower Sensor IC  features

The new Nanopower ICs could be used in the place of reed batteries. The new Nanopower ICs are far more suitable for battery powered applications that generally with larger air gap needs and low power requirements. The new Nanopwer IC’s are designed keeping in mind the wide range of usage for battery operated applications such as electricity, gas and water meters.

The applications also include exercise equipment, industrial smoke detectors, scanners and security systems. The new ICs are also highly ideal for white goods. These include the refrigerators, dishwashers, medical equipment, infusion pumps, hospital beds and also consumer electronic such as computers and tablets.

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Simplification of the process by using the theory of Omnipolarity which allows the IC to be activated either by North Pole or South Pole, thereby eliminating the need to ignore the magnetic polarity reduces the system cost. It’s easier and cost effective for the engineers to operate, as the push-pull output (CMOS) does not require exterior resistors.

Thanks to a non-chopper stabilized design, the electronic sound generated by the sensor is eliminated. Production cost is further reduced as the sub miniature SOT-23 surface mount package-supplied on b­­­­­­oth tape and reel- is smaller than most reed switches which allows automated pick and place component installation.

Costumers are given an option to choose from two magnetic sensitivities: Ultra-high sensitive SM351LT( 7 Gauss typical operate, 11 Gauss maximum operate, 360 nA current draw) and very high sensitivity SM353LT ( 14 Gauss typical operate,20 Gauss maximum operate, 360nA current draw).

The trusted expertise of element14 Community has always provided it’s unmatched value added services by the both latest addition to a remarkable line of durable, reliable switch and sensor solutions.

Such sensors, switches and other modules of technologies which are highly cost, power and space conservable must always be welcomed. So, what are your comments on this new Nanopower Sensor IC from Honeywell? Please share with us, below in the comment box.

This article is written by : Anuradha Sivaraman

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