Brainwavz Alpha Review – In-Ear headphones


Music is needed anywhere and at anytime. It is like meditation and a ritual to most of us. I like using earphones which are in-ear headphones type. Well you can use these earphones over the ear too. These are the earphones which can be easily used for a longer duration of time.

Brainwavz Alpha Review

We have explicitly reviewed many headphones and we are excited to have hands on this device for sure. Let us have a look at our experience with this device.

Brainwavz Alpha


First thing which we observed with these earphones is that these are very light weight. We can easily see the plastic casing which makes it light weight. So even when you gear up these headphones into your ears you don’t feel much weight. Build quality seems to be good but delicate. So handling these headphones with care is advised as the cable is very thin.

Brainwavz Alpha Review

There are Left and Right symbols present near the ear casing. We also see the Brainwavz branding on the plastic casing. Aesthetically the headphones look decent. We liked the fact that the company provides a Velcro band with the headphones, so the user can easily wrap the cable when not in use.

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Brainwavz Alpha Review

There is no microphone, so just useful to enjoy music or while watching videos on your smartphone, MP3 players, laptop or tablets. With the comply foam tips these earphones seem very much comfortable for the ears.

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These headphones have a sensitivity rating of 110dB and there is impedance rating of 20Ohms. The device has a frequency response range of 15-28,000Hz. I tried using these headphones on my smartphone and on my Macbook Pro laptop. I played many songs to check how it actually responds.

Brainwavz Alpha Review

The headphones responds well having good treble and the lyrics of the songs can be heard crystal clear. For beat centric musical tracks, surprisingly the bass was impressive. The sound was clean and we enjoyed music for a very long time without any problems. Overall performance of these earphones was great.

Brainwavz Alpha Review


In the box you can find pairs of ear-tips, Comply foam pair, User Guide, Velcro Band & headphones.

Brainwavz Alpha Review

Final Verdict

If you are looking for good quality in ear headphones which are comfortable, light weight and provide great sound. Must have for music lovers having this budget, but not for people talking on smartphones as these lack microphone. These can be your friend while traveling for sure. You can enjoy these for a longer duration without a hitch.

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