Bowers & Wilkin`s P5 Headphones Preview


Hello friends, It is a long time we have conversed about the latest headphones. It is time for talking about one of the best headphones available in the market. I am talking about Bowers & Wilkin`s P5 headphones. These are available for a price of $299.

B & W P5

Bowers & Wilkin`s P5 Headphones

So you all must be glad about the price. Even I was actually in the beginning. Now lets see what all we have in this headphone. Ofcourse this is a luxurious headphone. It has leather padding. It is real leather and not like cheap stuff of other headphones.

Now lets talk about the sound quality of the headphones. You must have experienced a lot of headphones which have good bass. But the bass is very loud or the treble is very loud. Both of them never get balanced. But this headphone will provide you a balanced sound experience.

This headphone will take you to the music world.

So after lots of talks, I am introducing to you the audio balanced headphones. I know that most of you guys like to hear soft rock or songs full of lyrics. The quality of the sound is immense. You will feel that as if the singer is directly singing only for you.

This is the superb headphone which will give you such experience. Now what all to say, there will be no noise as such from the near by surroundings. So you can surely concentrate to listen to pure music. I have noticed various band members using Bowers & Wilkin`s P5 headphones.

These headphones have a very reduced weight altogether. This headphone also has a mic, so you can also talk with your loved ones on Skype with ease using these headphones.

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