Boult Audio AirBass XPods Review


Are you looking for stylish wireless bluetooth earbuds which can be great for calling and to enjoy music? Well then let us have a look at Boult Audio AirBass Xpods. Recently we used these Xpods for a week and sharing our review and experience with it. Also don’t forget to watch the video below this review to actually get the feel of these Boult Audio AirBass Xpods. Aren’t they looking stylish and elegant well lets start discussing with the features and our experience.

Boult Audio AirBass XPods Review

Boult Audio AirBass XPods


✅ Touch Controls

✅ True Wireless

✅ Deep Bass

✅ Water Resistant

✅ In Built Microphone

✅ Bluetooth 5.1

✅ Bluetooth Range 10m

✅ Weight 100g

✅ Dimensions : 54.26 mm x 45.08 mm x 22.3 mm

✅ 1 Year Warranty

✅ Voice Assistant Enabled

✅ 13mm Drivers

✅ 20 Hour Battery


First thing you notice is the quality of the case. It is very much compact and easy to carry. On the case you see the USB C type slot for fast charging. It has a cool design, there is mentioned about L and R symbols for left and right earbuds. You can easily keep them in the case after use and they start charging automatically.

Overall super build quality. Charging case has glossy finished look.

Inside the Box

Charging Case

Paid of Earbuds

Type C Charging Cable

User Manual

Warranty Card

Boult Audio AirBass XPods Review


The sound is very deep and clear. XPods is able to deliver quality and deep bass. It has superb noise cancellation and you can enjoy music without any environment noise. I personally liked the bass it delivers especially when you enjoy music. There is smart finger touch controls.

When you take out the earbuds from the case they automatically turn ON and pair with each other. These earbuds automatically turn off and enter charging mode when they are placed in the case. You can easily pair it with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, with ease. You can use both Android and iOS devices to connect to these XPods. When you put the earbuds into charging case they will be charged automatically.

Now there is interesting factory which showcases the battery percentage. When the LED Indicator light flashes once then battery status is 0-25%, two flash then its 26-50%, Three flash its 51-75% and four flash its 76-99%, whereas when green light on is there then battery status is 100%.

Operating the earbuds is very easy as while listening to music when you double click, you can pause/play. You long press left earbud for 2 seconds then you can go to previous song, when you long press right earbud for 2 seconds then you can go to next song.

You can easily answer/end call by double click any earbud. To reject a call you can long press any earbud. To activate Siri or Google Assistant you can triple click either earbud. To adjust the volume you can do it from your phone itself or laptop if connected to laptop. So the functional operation is very easy.


It takes only 1 hour to fully charge the case as well as the earbuds. It is able to deliver battery backup of 20 hours which is amazing for sure.

Final Verdict

This is a complete full package with minimum cost, worth buying it. Very good device in this price range. I liked the device and bass of these XPods, available now for a discount, get yours now.

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