Blink Outdoor Camera : Smart Security Innovation


Blink has once again raised the bar with its fourth-generation wire-free smart security camera – the Blink Outdoor 4. Paired with the Blink Mini, this dynamic duo ensures comprehensive coverage inside and outside your home, providing a vigilant eye and advanced features that make safeguarding your space easier than ever before.

Blink Outdoor Camera

Blink Outdoor Camera : Smart Security Innovation

Setting up the Blink Outdoor 4 and Mini is a breeze, requiring just a few minutes to establish a robust security system. The package includes three Outdoor 4 cameras, one Mini camera (in sleek black), a Sync Module 2, six AA lithium batteries, three mounting kits, two USB cables, and two power adapters. This comprehensive setup allows for easy integration into your home, enhancing security without the need for professional installation.

One of the standout features of the Blink Outdoor 4 is its 1080p HD live view, offering crystal-clear visuals of your surroundings directly from the Blink app. Whether it’s day or night, the camera ensures optimal visibility with infrared night vision, allowing you to monitor your property round the clock. Additionally, the two-way audio feature enables seamless communication through the app, adding an extra layer of security by allowing you to speak to whoever is on the other side of the camera.

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What truly sets the Outdoor 4 apart is its impressive two-year battery life. Equipped with AA lithium batteries, this camera can operate continuously for up to two years, minimizing the need for frequent battery changes. This not only saves you time and effort but also ensures consistent surveillance without interruptions.

Enhanced motion detection is another key feature that adds to the efficiency of the Outdoor 4. With dual-zone, enhanced motion detection, you’ll receive timely alerts on your smartphone, allowing you to stay informed about any activity around your property. This feature not only improves the accuracy of motion detection but also ensures that you are promptly notified in case of any potential security threats.

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For even more advanced security options, the Blink Subscription Plan offers person detection through embedded computer vision (CV). With this optional plan (sold separately), you receive alerts specifically when a person is detected, filtering out unnecessary notifications and providing a more targeted surveillance experience.

The Blink Subscription Plan also offers the convenience of storing and sharing clips. With a free 30-day trial, you can choose to store your camera events in the cloud, ensuring that you have access to important footage when needed. Alternatively, the Sync Module 2 (included in the package) allows for local storage with the use of a USB drive (sold separately), providing flexibility and options to suit your preferences.

Integration with Alexa-enabled devices adds another layer of convenience to the Blink Outdoor 4. Through voice commands, you can engage live view, arm and disarm your security system, and perform various other functions. This seamless integration with Alexa enhances the user experience, allowing for hands-free control and monitoring of your security cameras.

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In conclusion, the Blink Outdoor 4 + Blink Mini combination is a smart and affordable solution for safeguarding your home. With its easy setup, extended battery life, HD live view, and advanced motion detection features, it offers peace of mind that goes beyond traditional security measures. Stay connected and protected with Blink’s innovative security solutions, ensuring that you can be there from anywhere to protect what matters most.

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