Audio Technica ATH-ADX5000, ANC Quietpoint series and many more devices launched


Audio Technica company which is an audio equipment company has unveiled many devices today. Let us know about the features and the names of the devices launched.


These are the over ear headphones for enjoying favourite music to the users. There are enlarged 58mm integrated driver units and tungsten coated diaphragms. These devices are assembled in Tokyo.

Audio Technica ATH-ADX5000, ANC Quietpoint series and many more devices launched

This design will help to increase the airflow efficiency which will help to get rich and precise bass for the users as per the company. There is a honeycomb punched housing structure which makes these headphones look elegant for sure. The ear pads and headband are wrapped with Alcantara.

These are open air dynamic headphones and weight of these are 270g without the cable. There is a detachable cable of 3m provided with these and there is also a 6.3mm gold plated stereo plug and hard shell carry case with the device.

Quietpoint range of ANC headphones

They have made few additions to their quietpoint range of ANC headphones. The company has introduced  ATH ANC40BT in-ear model which can be connected via bluetooth. There are also ATH-ANC50iS and ATH-ANC70 over-ear headphones launched in this series.

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These are noise cancelling in-ear headphones which can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. They help upto 90% of noise cancellation. There is good sound quality and smartphone connectivity as per the company.

Audio Technica ATH-ADX5000, ANC Quietpoint series and many more devices launched

These in-ear headphones also have a mic in it and a controller, which is useful for answering calls, adjusting volume, changing music, etc. These headphones provide upto 8 hours of playback time. There is also a 1.2m cable provided in case ff battery drains out. There are extra ear tips also provided with these headphones, also there is a 1m USB charging cable and an airplane adapter.


Audio Technica ATH-ADX5000, ANC Quietpoint series and many more devices launched

These are value priced over ear headphones which help in 87% of noise cancellation as per the company. There is also an in-line microphone and controller for receiving calls and controlling music. The microphone is good for voice transmission as per the company. There is also a 1.2m cable with this headphone.


These headphones are made for people who enjoy music or work using headphones for a longer duration of time. These headphones are over ear fit. They have ear cups and have a slimmer profile. There are ear cushions and headband which are made from the memory foam.

Audio Technica ATH-ADX5000, ANC Quietpoint series and many more devices launched

They feel very light weight.  They also provide superior noise cancellation. There are large 40mm drivers which help in getting impactfull bass and extended treble to the user. These headphones can be used as cordless noise cancelling headphones. They can be folded and flat for storage and come in hard carrying case.

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This is an ultra portable and affordable bluetooth device for enjoying music wirelessly. There is use of top mounted circuit board design which helps for detailed reproduction of sound. This is a lightweight and foldable device. It can be easily stored and carried. There are soft memory foam ear pads and are adjustable and a cushioned headband.

This device supports Bluetooth 4.1 with ease and can be connected to a smartphone or a tablet with ease. There is also NFC compatibility. Volume, music and calls can be controlled using a switch near the ear cup. As per the company the device provides 30 hours of continues wireless music after a full battery charge. This is very huge and the device also comes with a 1.2m smartphone cable with in-line remote. There is also a USB cable provided for charging the device.

ATH-AR3BT is priced at INR 13,990.

KEI Hi-Fi Distrubutor appointed

So the brand Audio Technica has announced the appointment of KEI Hi-Fi as the consumer product category distributor for India. This company KEI Hi-Fi is already a distributor of various consumer and professional audio and video brands in the country.

This partnership will help the brand Audio Technica to distrubute the products across the nation with ease.


These are the premium headphones launched by the company which can emit studio-quality sound with ultra comfortable design. This device comes with improved sound isolation as per the company. There is aluminum housing with metallic navy finish with gold accents. This device is wrapped with a dark brown faux leather. Ear pads and headband also have been designed to provide ultra soft padding for comfort to the users.

Audio Technica ATH-ADX5000, ANC Quietpoint series and many more devices launched

This is an enhanced bodel of the ATH-SR9 and will provide 45mm True Motion drivers with diamond like carbon coated diaphragm. It comes with superior handling with higher frequency range. It is supported by a 6N-OFC oxygen free copper 1.2m cable. This cable is said to provide pure audio transmission for better clarity and accuracy.

There is also a 1.2m cable featuring in-line controls which can be connected if needed to a smartphone. Also there is a 3m long cable which can be supported in home for longer reach. There is dedicated carry pouch for the headphones and the cables.

This device will be available in India from November 2017. Price yet to be revealed.

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