ASUS Essence One MKII DAC Series Launched – USB digital to analog converter


The company ASUS has launched a new series of USB digital-to-analog converter with a Direct Stream Digital 64. A fully balanced headphone amplifier for upto 600ohm-impedance headphones and 8X symmetrical unsampling is possible.

ASUS Essence One MKII

ASUS Essence One MKII DAC Series

This is one of the latest evolution also it has won the CES 2012 Innovations Design and Engineering Award. It has also won the Visual Grand Prix Twice in Japan. The device provides more great features as it profounds the musicality which is the goal of the both Essence audio team and many audiophiles.

It also has a gain jumper to drive a low-impedance in-ear monitor (IEM) headphones which has a new look. The two available models include the Essence One MKII and the Essence One MKII MUSES. The headphone amplifier with the dual Texas Instruments LME49600 and 8X unsampling for high-resolution jitter-free audio.

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The Essence One MKII has 11 swappable operational amplifiers(op-amps) for easy tuning. It has six MUSES 01 op-amps. The manufactured high-purity 4N oxygen-free copper interconnects with true-to-life tonality spacious and stunning vocals. It supports 2.8 MHz DSD through DSD over the pulse-code modulation(PCM) it is also known as DoP.

The ASUS Essence One MKII is priced at Rs.50,000 excluding taxes and the MUSES edition is priced at Rs.65,000 excluding taxes. They are giving a warranty of 3 years. We will keep you posted about such launches. Till then stay tuned on Technary.

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