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Are you a smartphone power user? Do you love apps? Do you want to make money while installing apps? Well this money can only be used for covering your recharge expenses, but it will help you doing that. So you must be wondering how all this is possible. This is all possible with the help of an App. Yes an App will help you make money by installing other apps do activities and this money can be used to recharge your phone, pay your DTH bills.

You guessed it right! The App`s name is AppMoney. It rewards you to do activities like install other apps, share apps and much more. This reward can be earned in virtual money. The fact is that you can use this virtual money for doing your phone recharge or DTH recharge. Let us start exploring this app right from installing it.

AppMoney App Review AppMoney App Review

Installing the app

Visit the Google Play store from your smartphone. Then just search for “AppMoney” or click here to download the app. Click on the “Install” button to install the application in your smartphone. The app will ask you for accepting the permissions. Click on accept and the app will get installed, it is just of 6.3MB. As the app size is very small it will take very less memory in your phone. Unlike other heavy apps the developers have hit it right to make a very small app. But features wise is it small? Let us start using this app.

AppMoney App Review AppMoney App Review

User experience

You will get a notification when the App gets installed. Just click on the icon of the App to open it. You will get two options. These options are “Sign in with Gmail” or “Sign in with Facebook”. Choose whichever you are comfortable with. We used to Sign in with Gmail. You will get to know what the App will be doing.

AppMoney App Review AppMoney App Review

Then Hit the “Sign-in” tab. You will be asked for your e-mail Address and Phone number. When you submit these details a message will pop up. That message will be “OTP sent successfully on your mobile number!”. Click on “OK” then you would have to check your SMS and enter the OTP received from the SMS.

As soon as you enter you will get a message of “Submitted Successfully!” will pop up. Click on “OK”. Now you have access to all the features of the App.

AppMoney App Review AppMoney App Review

First thing you will notice is a list of offers for you. You can surf through the offers. You can click on any offer and get the details of the offer. If you do the things mentioned in the offer properly the amount will be rewarded and you can see it in the App Money on top right hand corner.

AppMoney App Review AppMoney App Review

There are App Offers where in you just have to install an app or share it, etc. So very easy and normal tasks are mentioned in the App Offers. Once you do it properly you get the rewards. Also in the Offers section there is a Cashback store. You can get to see a lot of cashback offers. So this will save your money while shopping online. It is very important for net savvy people like us to get the maximum discounts on our online purchases.

To the left of the Offers tab you can check your Profile. You will get to see your photo and your details. These details are your name, e-mail and mobile number. Also you can refer this app and make money. To the right of the Offers tab there is a “Friends Tab”. When anyone installs the app and uses your invitation code then you earn money for that too. Do note that this is virtual money. You can redeem this money by doing recharge of on your phone or do the DTH recharge. When you accumulate enough App Money, then you can recharge the desired amount by hitting the Recharge button in the bottom of the app.

AppMoney App Review AppMoney App Review

In the “History” Tab you can get the log of all the opted offers and types of your earnings. So you can check the transaction history for your last 30 days transactions. You can also check the notifications from the Notification Tab. There is a Support tab in the bottom if you want to give your feedback or want to contact the app developers.

This app is overall easy to use and you can earn money by doing simple tasks. This App will be helpful for students who always are short of their pocket money and would like to recharge their phone in this unique way. Just you have to read about each and every offer in detail. There are also lucrative cash back offers in the offers section. You will have to keep on checking these sections for more and more updates for new offers. The more offers you enroll the more you earn by completing them. The best one is by referring your friends. This App helps you to pay your smartphone/DTH recharge by doing easy and small tasks.

Final Verdict

The user interface of the App is good. The overall navigation is smooth. The App helps to earn you money and save your money by completing offers. Users can also avail valuable cashbacks on their purchases. Very useful indeed.

Download the App Now!

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