Apple iPhone 7 Overview – Specifications, Features, Price


Recently Apple launched their latest smartphone Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus. So is this a revolutionary handset? Or Apple is missing for great features in their flagship smartphone. Let us find that out in this extensive Overview of the handset. There are some major changes in the design which we will talk in detail with our readers.


The phone does not have a headphone jack! Yes you are right this is some of the major change which is made in this new handset. This is a waterproof phone. These 2 features are major changes for sure. We still think that no headphone jack is what people may not digest right away. Though waterproof in a big way. Many people have done water tests and submerged these smartphones into water. As per the company they can be inside water for around 30 minutes without any problems.

Though not much major changes in this new handset other than the above two and we will discuss other minute changes in detail. Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are dust resistant and water resistant with IP67 rating. There are 2 speaker grills at the bottom of the phone. There is only one lightning port. So if the user wants to use the headphones, they can do so by using the adapter or use wireless headphones. The good fact is that the adapter comes inside the box.

Apple iPhone 7 Overview - Specifications, Features, Price

The Home Button is not a pressable button. It can be used to unlock the smartphone as it has fingerprint sensor in it. If double pressed then multi tasking can be done between the apps. It can also be used for the Apple Pay when the screen is off. The phone has haptic feedback as well. So no physical Home Button.

The phone has aluminum body. There are new color options for the handsets, these are Jet Black and Black. There is also a high gloss finish of the jet black variant, as per the company it goes under nine step anodization and polishing process while making it. The other variants stay which include, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. One the rear we can see the dual cameras of this smartphone.

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Also if you are using the lightning converter for the 3.5mm jack, you cannot charge your phone at that time. So the problem is that you cannot enjoy music using converter and charge your phone at the same time. There are earbuds provided and these may be annoying for the users in the beginning, but later people will be accustomed to it.

Apple has used a W1 Wireless chip to improve the wireless audio. So if the user is enjoying wireless music on the phone using AirPods which have upto 5 hours of battery life.

Apple iPhone 7 Overview - Specifications, Features, Price


The phone has a 4.7 inch display with 1334 x 750 pixels of screen resolution. The screen is 25% brighter than the predecessor and display of the phone is improved for sure. If you want a 5.5 inch screen then the user can go with the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.


This phone uses the 64 bit quad core processor which is none other than A10 Fusion. This processor is 40% faster than its predecessor A9. This phone comes in 3 variants in terms of memory. These are 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.


As per the company Apple iOS 10 works flawlessly on the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Talking about this Operating system is an altogether different topic. New introductions of features in this OS and we will talk about them as soon as we get hands on this device.

Apple iPhone 7 Overview - Specifications, Features, Price


The Apple iPhone 7 Plus has dual cameras. The phone has a 12MP of rear camera with OIS(Optical Image Stabilization). It has f/1.8 aperture, 28mm wide angle lens and there is a use of high speed sensor.  There is an upgrade for the True Tone Flash. The phone has 4 LEDs which emits 50% more light. The phone also supports RAW image format in the lightroom which can be beneficial for professional photographers.

The front camera of these phones are 7MP and people can take better selfies.


Talking about the battery, the company says that this phone will last 2 hours more after full charge than the iPhone 6S.


Yes this phone is expensive and not too worthy to buy. If I have a choice of not thinking about the budget then my pick will be the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black variant is priced at $649. Though in India the prices will be high for sure. Pricing for the 128GB variant is $749 and 265GB is $849.

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