Apple achieves 92% of smartphone industry profits in Q1 2015


Apple company is known to launch the premium devices, with classy design and giving the best productivity to its consumers. These high priced devices are now like the backbone of their growth. According to WSJ, Apple has raked in 92% of all the profits from the smartphone industry. This is a very huge number.

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Apple achieves 92% of smartphone industry profits

Now as we know that this company is known for making the premium devices. Though if we talk about the sales units it accounts to only one fifth of the total sales of smartphones globally. They actually know how to make more from little. 🙂

It is good to dominate this industry from around 1,000 smartphone manufacturing companies globally. This is a huge business, there are a lot of players, but Apple has again proved its dominance. After Apple its Samsung with 15% of industry profits during the first quarter of 2015.

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If we combine both these giants then it will be more than 100% of all the profits. The reason is that many companies have lost money and are closed in this period. The mammoth success for Apple is because of the high pricing of their products. The price of Apple smartphone is as high as 3 times of an average android smartphone.

Though more data from other companies like Xiaomi and Micromax has not been released by the source. We are sure that Apple will dominate this industry for a longer time. Now Apple iPhone 6s launch is coming near. It is rumoured that Apple has ordered 85-90 million units to the suppliers. It seems that this is going to be a big game! 🙂

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