Amazon Fire TV launched – Media Streaming Box for $99 available


The biggest e-commerce website has entered into the gadget space since a long time. Their Kindle was a success. Now they are into the media streaming device called as the Amazon Fire TV. The advantage for Amazon is that they know the customer closely. They know what all a customer needs and what all gets sold. So by having this analysis, they have certainly made a thesis and later a product out of it.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV Features

They wanted to make this gadget a simple and a powerful tool. They just want to make the complexity disappear. This Amazon Fire TV is a tiny Black Box for your home theater. This gadget has a unique OS. It is powered by a quad core processor which Amazon claims to be the best one. Also it has a 2GB RAM which will help in Multi-tasking a lot. A dual-band Wi-Fi is useful in good networking.

It has a remote control which will be like a magic wand to the user. The remote has 7 buttons and also a click wheel navigator. There is no waiting as such. For example if you press play, the video starts to playback instantaneously. No delay. Otherwise you can see delays in the traditional satellite operator set top boxes. The Amazon Fire TV is full of details. It displays video library, content, TV, apps, games and photos. It also has settings in the main home screen. I liked the immediate playback feature.

Amazon Fire TV


The user can easily now upload the photos using a photos app into the CloudDrive. They call it as a “Seamlessly upload”. Also you can display the smartphone photos to be displayed on the Amazon Fire TV with ease. Something similar to that of the Photo Stream on Apple TV. There is an “X-Ray” feature in this gadget. This will fetch the associated metadata of whatever content you are watching. The information may include parameters like the name of the serial/movie, release date, actors, directors and many things.

This is like a Pandora of information which will be flown to the user while watching his/her favourite content. Soon this X-ray will have an extended feature where in the lyrics will be displayed when a music is played on the Amazon Fire TV.

Media Streaming

The very important part is the Content. We know that this platform is both HTML and Android based. So the developers will be happy to see their apps from both the Android and Web. The Amazon Studios content will also be beneficial to the user. Amazon generates it own content from the Amazon Studios. It is believed that it is better than the competitors Netfilx and Hulu.


Amazon has already partnered with iHeartRadio, TuneIn and their own Amazon music services. The FreeTime feature if enabled then the content can be shown only for kids. This will help parents to keep a parental control. So Amazon has taken care of it too. The kids content “all you can eat” will give access to broadcasters like Nickeledon and many other for a monthly fee. So music and kids content are taken care of very well.


One of the most crucial for youngsters. They are aiming to make it to compete with other consoles. But I an not sure that they have attained the feat to beat the PS4 or the latest Xbox. Amazon had conversation and worked with publishers like the Disney, Gameloft and EA.

A wide variety of games can be played on this gadget for sure. The Amazon Fire TV users will be able to have access to thousands of games by next month. The $40 game controller will also be helpful or the user to play such great games.

Amazon Fire TV


Well do you remember Apple TV. Duh! Amazon is now indirectly a competitor of Apple after launching this product. As we know that Apple TV was a bit laggy in the performance. I am sure that Amazon Fire TV will outperform the Apple TV in many ways. While Microsoft charges a hefty amount of $60 per year to the users just to access Netflix. Monthly costs are extra.

Who are the Partners?

Well the giant Netflix is the partner of Amazon at the launch. Also Pandora, HBA GO, SHO Anytime, Hulu, ESPN are partners and many of others will eventually join Amazon. The content can be searched easy by using a text entry. The most gambling wild card is the “Voice search”. It is to be believed that it is the better than the competitors.

The Fire TV is available in US for a price of $99. You also get a 30 day free trial of Netfilx and Amazon Prime. So what are you waiting for, buy the Amazon Fire TV Now. Click Here!

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