5 Best Wearable devices in India


Certain technical jargons, are not only self explanatory but they sound way too appealing for us as well. For instance, like that of “wearable technology”. As the name suggests, these are accessories incorporating computer and advanced technologies. Are you looking for best wearable devices in India?

With that said, there is no exaggeration in stating that the demand for these devices is growing in leaps and bounds. With so many devices springing up in the market, we decided to give short tales about the best 5 devices which use wearable technology.

Best Wearable devices in India

1. Sony Smart Watch 2

Sony Smart Watch 2
Sony Smart Watch 2

Sony unlike Samsung, has a versatile manner in which it can be paired up with Z2/Z Ultra/Z1 for notifications. It has three capacitive buttons underneath the display, which measures 1.6 inches and has a sharp 220×176 resolution. It has about 300 apps including Facebook and Twitter supporting it. The Xperia like design is dust and water resistant. But as the saying goes, too much of anything is good for nothing.  To an extent this holds true here as the devices stumbles a bit on its overall functionality. Battery life once again, is a challenge here. But the solace the device offers us is that, it is an improvised version of its predecessors.

Plus: Numerous apps, good to look at.

Minus: Minor issues in performance and battery life.

Technary suggestion: Give it a try if you can before laying hands on your pocket.

Price: Rs. 14,990

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2. Qualcomm Toq


Qualcomm Toq
Qualcomm Toq

This has a 1.55 inch Mirasol display with a 288×192 resolution, the advantage being that, you can view it in direct sunlight. It has a voice command functionality embedded within. The issue to be discussed here is, irrespective of what the device contains, it lacks features like Bluetooth 4.0 LE and IP58/67 resistance to water or dust. With all these lacunae, it still sports a heavy price comparatively.

 Plus: Video lovers wouldn’t mind grabbing it.

Minus: As mentioned, the cost is a little too much for what is gives us!

Technary suggestion: Think! If you want it, Think again!

Price: INR 11,790


3. Pebble Smart

Pebble Smart
Pebble Smart


Although it shows off like a simple plastic watch, It features a 1.26 inch, 168×144 display equipped with an ARM Cortex M3 CPU and support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE. You don’t have to worry if you drop it in the swimming pool, as it promises of being waterproof. Neither, should you sit worried about how long the battery will last as it performs pretty well with long lasting battery life.

It has an easy hand shake with Android and iOS although not with Windows Phone. The user needn’t navigate through iTunes or the Play Store and can get a hold of central store for their apps. It exhibits a very strong variety with games, fitness applications, RSS feeds, live score updates and much more compared to Samsung’s gear.

Needless to say, Pebble Smart’s 1000+ apps is no small feat for a smart watch!

Plus: Great number of apps, great battery life and its water proof.

Minus: Display is not so new gen kind.

Technary suggestion: It’s worth your attention.

Price: Rs. 13,900


4. Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo


Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo
Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo features 1.63 inch Super AMOLED display and a dust and water resistant body.  Surprisingly it has 2 megapixel camera with auto focus. You have all the liberty to attach your own straps to the Gear 2 Neo. Tizen OS helps you maintain battery life and it comes along with a heart sensor and pedometer. You can sync you device with Galaxy S4/S5 and provide real time notifications to your wrist. The battery life is comparatively less stable than Pebble Smart.

Plus: Battery life, dust and water resistant.

Minus: Low App selection. Not a great standalone device.

Technary suggestion: Try before you buy.

Price: Rs. 15,450


5. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit


Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit
Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

Samsung’s gear is more watch like now. The display is good enough to hug your wrist tight.

Although it provides notifications for messages and calls, as a health-monitoring device, the Galaxy Gear Fit features a heart rate sensor and pedometer, and also claims to measure your sleep cycle. But the problem here is, the device fails to pause between exercises. The pedometer being inaccurate and sleep tracker not being so helpful are added challenges which make us think twice before saying a vehement ‘YES’ to this device. To compensate all this, the device guarantees us a good battery life. But somehow, the compensation is not convincing enough!

Plus: Good battery life with an impressive design and great fitness apps.

Minus: Inaccurate fitness measurement.

Technary suggestion: You really want it? Think…Think… Think!

Price: Rs. 15,450

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So, with all that said from our side, if you want to add ore to this list, please go ahead and let us know through your valuable comments.


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