5 Essential Features for a Smart Truck


In the era of smartphones the world has become smart. Actually it is the way we look at the things smartly. Innovators are trying to create a smart world and apart from gadgets, home automation it is important that Automobile industry gets more into the smarter connectivity.

We all love to travel and it is the best part to relax and rejuvenate our happiness in life. Well travel is not only a part for the tourists but it is an integral part of the transportation business. Yes this is a huge multi-billion dollar industry and transport is very critical and important part of the economy of the nation. Well let us talk about the longest route of transport and most convenient way of transport. Yes I am talking about the Road Transport. The biggest advantage of Road Transport is that you are able to send goods across the nation even in the remote areas. Road connectivity is the largest in the nation. Guess what is the mode of Road Transport? Undoubtedly it is the trucks.

5 Essential Features for a Smart Truck

So is there a need of a smart truck? The answer is an obvious YES. What all should be there in a smart truck? Well let us talk about the features which a smart truck should have.

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Here are the Essential Features for a Smart Truck:

1. Weight of the load

There should be a huge weighing machine inside the truck at the bottom which will calculate the weight of the load in the truck. Well we believe that this is very important as the truck driver will be able to see the real time weight of the load. So in case of any leakage/theft/loss of the goods he will get to know. Also this is very important for the owner of the goods. As he will be able to tally the weight of the load loaded before the travel from location A to location B and the weight when the truck reaches the destination.

Another advantage of this feature is that it will help the smart system to know the weight of the truck and will be more cautious while maneuvering the truck. Also there should be a phenomenon in case of overload the truck gives a warning to the driver and is not able to move ahead. This is an important caution for safety.

2. Position of the Truck : Realtime

Well talking about the dashboard of the truck, it should be smart and showcase a display. This small display should have the navigation facility. Now it should be having GPS connectivity as it will help the driver to showcase the destination on the screen. There are GPS navigators already available in the market which the smart truck company can get affiliated with.
Now here is the catch! It should have a SIM card for internet data connectivity. This is for the navigation to keep sharing the location of the truck to the truck owner. This will help the truck owner to know the exact location of the truck and can make the scheduling of the routes effectively.

5 Essential Features for a Smart Truck

3. Navigation of roads

This is very important part where the truck driver be able to know the route to his/her destination. The truck driver should know the landscape of the route also it helps the driver know the real time traffic ahead in the route. Accordingly the driver can plan the journey and make effective decisions.

4. Camera installation

There should be a Camera focusing on driver seat. Now this is for the safety of the driver and the truck. The camera should be able to click pictures at every 5 minutes and keep sending the data to the truck owner or store it in the navigation device. For this the navigation device should be very much custom made having these features.

5 Essential Features for a Smart Truck

Also there should be a camera on the rear end of the truck while taking reverse. This helps the driver to take reverse without looking back. This is important if the driver does not have a helper guiding him/her to take reverse.

5. Speed Limit

Speed Limit to the truck should be set automatically after analyzing the weight of the load in the truck. Yes this will help for the safety purpose of the driver and the truck. If there is a particular speed which the driver has to follow then it will help him to drive in discipline. Also there should be a notification sent to the owner of the truck if the speed limit is surpassed.

We said 5 Features, right? Well we always like to offer more, so here are the two bonus features which we think that a smart truck should have.

6. Sensors/cameras for Lane discipline

If its a high end truck then there should be a sensor or camera in the truck which will help to know the system whether the truck is driven in the lane properly. This will help the truck driver to know the exact position of the truck and will make adjustments if necessary. Many accidents occur when the trucks are off road. So this will help for sure. It should also give real time statistics which are important in maneuvering the truck with ease and preciseness. Lane discipline is very important while driving.

7. Anti-Theft Alarm

The goods in the truck or the consignment is very much valuable to the business owner. There should be an alarm if there is anyone touching the lock of the doors or if anyone is close to it. For example if the truck is halted for a lunch/dinner stop in a dhaba(restaurant) there are chances of robbery. If anyone tries to touch the lock of the doors, the truck`s alarm should be activated and it should sound loud. The best way is that the truck may start the alarm ring and also notify the truck driver to his smartphone. This will need internet and smart systems. Also the truck owner should be notified of this incident so that he/she can take necessary precautions or take more measures of safety.

Wrapping Up

We believe that these are very important features which a smart truck should have. We hope that there will be smart trucks on the road in future which will offer more safety and increase productivity. If you have any more features, feel free to share in the comments below.

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