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Portronics PowerNote 16000mAh power bank launched for Rs.3,299

Portronics has launched a new power bank which is named as Portronics PowerNote powerbank. This device has a battery capacity of 16000mAh. The price of the device is Rs.3,299. Let us have a look at the features of this device. Portronics PowerNote 16000mAh power bank Features The powerbank is having is a Li-Po battery which

Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist Band Features

Portronics have introduced a new smart band. This is the Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist band. Though as the market is getting crowded now with many smart bands, we will be happy to showcase this brand`s latest watch with you. This is a wearable device and we will talk about the features in detail. Though we

Portronics Pure Sound Portable Sound System Overview

For most of us we cannot live without music. It feels like music is an internal part of life. For some people it is like meditation and there is music available for every mood. So why not use a gadget to enjoy this music. We know that prolong use of headphones is always not advisable,

Portronics Pro BT 2 speaker launched for Rs.3,999

Portronics, an innovator of new portable products in the market has accomplished yet another task by launching the better and updated version of the famed Pure sound Bluetooth series named Pure Sound Pro BT 2. This device can play the songs you love the most from anywhere, be it from your tablet or you cellphone.

Portronics Scanny 7 Review

Are you looking for a portable scanner where you don`t need to connect it to the computer. Yes it is possible with the Portronics Scanny Series. We had reviewed the Portronics Scanny 6. But now we have the latest Portronics Scanny 7. It is actually the successor of the Portronics Scanny 6. So what is

Portronics Glitz launched for Rs.4,999 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Creativity is wishing for better options while innovation is getting down and doing them. The proud innovator whom we are going to push into the limelight is PORTRONICS who have been designing innovative devices and gadgets. They say that their aim is to facilitate ease of use while providing elegance and performance. Portronics Glitz Having

Portronics Power Slice Review – Affordable Powerbank

Does your smartphone`s battery gets drained at important times? There are many smartphones available in the market having a battery backup delivering for only a single day or less than that. But for power mobile users battery of the smartphone is very crucial and there is a solution for it. This is not about a

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker Review

There is a decent amount of market share which do not like any headphone or ear phone as it might damage their ears after a prolong use with high volume. People like options. They like to have a speaker where in all can enjoy the music. The days are gone where we used to have

Portronics Quads Headphone review

Are you looking for a headphone? If yes, then you are reading the right article. Today we have reviewed the Portronics Quads headphone. We have extensively tested it for more than 7 days. We have noticed a lot of this about this device. So are you excited to know about it? So let us start

Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT Speaker review

Do you like to listen songs on the go? Without a headphone? If you are listening to songs for a long time on headphone then that might not be comfortable. But a speaker gives you a splendid feeling of the sound in your room. Yes, we have reviewed a portable Bluetooth speaker from Portronics. I