Notepad Pro for Android Review


Are you looking for a light notepad app for your android phone. Ofcourse you are not happy with the default notepad and you want a more advanced notepad. For this purpose the Notepad Pro will surely come in handy for you. First let us see the features of this android app.

Notepad Pro 1

Notepad Pro for Android Features

The main aspect of this app is that is is Ad free. There are no ads in this app so you can work in a disturb free environment with ease. This is a lightweight application. The app has a Prioritization feature. So you can assign priority to your notes. Also there are many color codes. See color is very important. It helps you to differentiate. You can create a color code rules for yourself. Example create red colored notes which should be done with utmost priority.

Or use the Green color code to do the task in your leisure time. There is an Auto Save option in this application. It will automatically keep on saving the content which you create on this application. So by mistake if you hit the back button the app will automatically save. The commands and user interface is very easy to use. No need of any tutorial. Just see what it is offering and do what you need. You can now search your content with ease.

Notepad Pro for Android

This is the most important part. If you are looking for a keyword in your note this function will be helpful. The app also reads the text back. So it is very useful and to go through and make any changes if any mistakes were occurred. The app has a crisp user interface. The user can backup and import the notes. The user can also import/export to the SD card. The app has a small size of 527.1 KB.

This app is compatible with Android 2.0 and above. The price for this useful application is just $0.99 or 99 cents. Click here to buy it now from Amazon!

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