Xerox C60/C70 launched at Print Miracle Expo 2014


Xerox Corporation is a well renowned American company known for its production and distribution of color and black and white printers all over the globe.This company also produces multi function systems,digital production printing presses ,photocopiers and related consulting services and supplies.It is consistently being placed in the list of Fortune 500 companies for its innovative ideas and implementations.

Xerox C60/C70 launched
Xerox C70

Xerox C60/C70 launched

Xerox has recently launched C60/C70 with a great set of innovation at the Print Miracle Expo 2014 which was held in Kochi .This Print Miracle Expo 2014 was held between December 12-14 2014. These C60/C70 where displayed in the public expo in Kerala for the first time  after their production and due to great set of innovation these devices has got a very good response from printers fraternity and every individual who were present at the Print Miracle Expo 2014.

These devices comes with great features and lights the shear innovation.These devices are very suitable for any kind of environment such as quick print shops, agencies, in-plant operations, small business and manufacturers with a cost effective option for the users. The device can also be used to enhance and expand the application of the individual according to their need to include menus,signs,rugged plastic labels and vinyl window clings.

Xerox C60/C70 launched
Versant 2100

The device offers the user turn key features and media weight versatility. These devices has the ability to print 100 pages per minute with high speed and precision for any production environment. With Ultra HD resolution and automation features these devices are able to create colorful personalized communication, photo publishing, brochures and special printing products.

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