Samsung NX30 camera review


This stud from Samsung looks awesome indeed. Let us talk more on this camera. Now we do have mobile phones. So there is a camera in it. So why is there a need for a digital camera. The reason is quite simple. To take extra ordinary shots from the phone is nearly impossible.

Samsung NX30

Samsung Nx30 features

The camera has an excellent design. But the plastic body should had been upgraded to some other material. The LCD and EVF are awesome. This camera also has a Wi-Fi and a NFC connectivity. Samsung NX30 also has an EVF. The camera also has an access to Dropbox. So it is easy to store the high quality images.

On of the problems which I saw in this camera is the Over-processes of the JPEGs from the ISO 1600. The camera is a 20.1 MP. It has an APS-C sensor. The LCD screen size is of 3inch. The camera has a 1,036 vari-angle touch. The LCD is super AMOLED. The Drime IV processor keeps it fast.

Samsung NX30

It has the 2,358k dor EVF technology. The samsung NX30 has some of the innovations from that of the DSLR. The total refresh rate of the monitor is quick.Altogether a value for money camera. A mini DSLR I must say.

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