New Gadgets launching this 2017


Last year was a year of Gadgets. With the introduction of new technology we were able to see some amazing new gadgets. This year it will be no different. The gadgets will be more and more exciting and will be very much user friendly. The gadgets now a days are made with full research, understanding the needs of the consumer. Some gadgets are made to solve a specific problem or to give the user the comfort of creating something amazing using the gadget.

We see gadgets everywhere and this year they will be launched with very much excitement. They will be from many genres but there are some expectations from the users. So let us have a look at the New Gadgets launching this 2017:

Apple iPhone 8

Now this smartphone is where the world will be eyeing upon this year. Apple innovates a lot in its products and their iPhone series. This upcoming phone from the company will surely be a flagship phone and many expectations are there for this handset. We can expect wireless charging feature on this smartphone for sure. Apart from this feature, what we are really excited is to see what’s new in their upcoming iOS 10.2.1. Will this smartphone break all the sales records, well time will decide.

Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches

With the increase in smartwatch users, we are very much excited to see the upcoming Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches. With the second version of Android Wear the users will be able to download and run apps from their smartwatches while connecting it to the smartophone via Bluetooth or WiFi. Also the user will be able to use the smartwatch independently via a cellular connection with the help of the upcoming Android Operating system of smartwatches.

Nokia D1C

New Gadgets launching this 2017

This is an anticipated smartphone from Nokia which is expected to be launched in the month of March 2017. This smartphone will be like the comeback of Nokia. The phone has a lot of features and is an Android Smartphone which many people are looking forward to. With an android smartphone people can enjoy music, chat, play online roulette games, check e-mail, etc. They can do many things with a smartphone. Even we are excited to see this phone launched soon. As per the leak this phone will be coming in 2 variants, one with 2GB RAM, 5 inch display and another with 3GB RAM and 5.5 inch display.

VR Headsets soon to be compatible with Windows 10

A good news for the Windows 10 users. There will be a free update coming soon which will help you to use a VR headset with their PC. The price of these headsets will surely reduce and it may get priced at $299 from major manufacturers like Lenovo, Dell and Asus. These will be cheaper than the available headsets like oculus rift priced at $599. We will be closely looking at the compatibility of the VR headsets with the latest Windows 10.

Nintendo Switch

New Gadgets launching this 2017

A great news for all the Nintendo fans all over the world. There will be a launch of a new console from Nintendo which can be connected to television sets. You can enjoy hours and hours of gaming with the help of this console. This is something to get excited for the Nintendo fans and the gamers from all over the world.

We hope you are also thrilled and excited about all the above new gadgets coming in 2017. We will keep you updated about the same. Till then stay tuned!

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  1. who will buy nintento when people play xbox and playstation. i like xbox more as i can get many more games from local market easily.


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