Matte Screen Protector or Tempered Glass: Which one should you buy?


We are using smartphones for several hours a day. So have you got a screen protector for your smartphone yet? Do you feel the necessity? One of our readers asked me this question about which screen protector is better and which one shall I buy. So answering this query for him and to our other readers.

We are addicted to our smartphones. We use them extensively for our daily use. You might have come to know about various types of screen guards available in the market. So shall I buy the matte(anti-glare) screen guard or shall I go with tempered glass. This question is in mind of many individuals. So we will elaborate on the aspects of these types of screen protectors and then you can make the choice.

Matte Screen Protector

These are mainly known for the anti-glare effect which it provides. These type of screen protectors came early in the market after the glossy screen protectors. Let us discuss what happens when you use them extensively. For indoor, they offer decent reading experience. In outdoor the matte screen protectors reflect a little in the sunlight.

They are not recommended for long term use like if you watch a lot of movies, then these are not for you. The anti-glare protector transmits a bit less light. While using matte screen protectors you can see a bit of the smudges after prolong use. They are smoother for sure than the glossy scratch protectors indeed. The screen protector is not much recommended for watching movies but a decent one for reading capabilities.

Matte Screen Protector or Tempered Glass: Which one should you buy?

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

A tempered glass screen protector is one of the latest kind of screen protectors available in the market. You must be having queries like, is it good to buy? Is it better than the matte screen protector? Well we will solve all your queries.

What is a tempered glass?

It is also known as toughened glass which is a type of safety glass. It is made by various chemical treatments and has increased strength than a normal glass. This tempering puts the outer surface into compression and the inner surfaces are into tension in this glass. It is a protective glass for your smartphone’s screen.

How is tempered glass made?

This type of glass is heated and then cooled quickly. If you observe closely this kind of glass breaks in a different manner than the normal glass. It creates more rounded edges of glass pieces instead of jagged shards of a normal glass. This is a multi-layered glass and contains different types of layers in it. The bottom layer is made of absorbent silicon. Next layer is of PET film. Then the Optically clear adhesive tempered glass and then

The bottom layer is made of absorbent silicon. Next layer is of PET film. Then the Optically clear adhesive tempered glass and then Olephobic coating layer. So with the use of such layers the tempered glass is upto 5 times stronger than the normal glass. In case of a huge shock this type of glass shatters into small pieces which helps in the protection of the screen of your smartphone.

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Why to use a tempered glass?

When we use our smartphones a lot then they may get heated. Mainly while playing heavy games on the device. So if you apply a tempered glass on your smartphone then it can withstand a lot of heat. Glass does not heat up and the adhesive helps to withstand the heat.

Applying a tempered glass is simple on your smartphone. The glass is stiff and does not stretch during the application. The other type of screen protectors may stretch while applying and need re-shaping, but in case of tempered glass no need for the same.

There is no smudging problem while applying the tempered glass. When applied properly there are no air bubbles created between the screen and the cover. Applying tempered glass on the screen does not require any kind of expertise, it is simple and any user can apply it himself/herself with easr.

A tempered glass withstands more shock than any other screen protector. The smartphone and tablet with a tempered glass can absorb shock and pressure with ease. So if the smartphone drops off accidentally then the tempered glass will protect your screen from getting damaged. If the impact of the drop is huge then the temepered glass will break but will protect the valuable screen of your smartphone.

These are scratch resistant. The property of the tempered glass does not allow it to be physically altered unless heat is applied. So there is no tension of scratches. So in case of nail scratching the screen or a pen mark will not be seen on the tempered glass and not look ugly unlike other screen protectors.

Wrapping Up

Now you must be enlightened about which screen protector is better for your smartphone. There are many options available in the market. Go for the better one. After all a smartphone/tablet is now become an asset and integral part of your life.

Best Tempered Glass Protectors for your smartphone

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