HTC Sense Companion – All you need to know


HTC announced that they will be launching the HTC Sense Companion AI to their latest flagship smartphones HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play. They have done the initial testing and are set to roll out in coming 1 to 2 weeks on Google Play Store.

What is HTC Sense Companion

It is an artificial intelligence which learns from you and your actions while using your HTC smartphone. Ri8ght now rolling out for the flagship smartphones HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play.

HTC Sense Companion - All you need to know

HTC Sense Companion Initial Features

The HTC Sense Companion provides helpful recommendations to the user for improving device performance. It also gives notifications to charge the battery or to carry a power bank with you for a long day. The time calibration is taken while driving in the traffic. It also gives recommendations of clothing and accessory according to the weather conditions.

I can say its a smart companion for you which will be like an assistant and will give you smart suggestions. These suggestions will be helpful to the user according to their needs and situations. New features coming will be restaurant recommendations based on the location. There will also be fitness reports based on the steps counts and distance moved.

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Combination of Technology and healthcare is very crucial and it brings a lot of importance in our lives. The HTC Sense companion will be able to give in depth fitness reports in their next versions to the user. The companion will also suggest point of interest suggestions based on the schedule of your travel and locations. This is something cool as it will tell you where you can roam around at a particular location within that time.

There will be language support of different languages coming soon in the companion. You can easily update the HTC Sense Companion App from the Google Play Store to see the cards pushed from their server. This will help you to get latest features for the HTC Sense companion on your HTC Smartphone. There will be new cards rolling soon from HTC in the coming days.

The roll out will take 1 to 2 weeks to reach to the global audience. Artificial Intelligence is a boon in this modern world and many companies are taking advantage of it. HTC is also striving hard to get the utmost AI into their smartphones using the HTC Sense Companion. You can download the app from the Play Store.

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