FiiO A5 Portable Amplifier launched for Rs.8,999


FiiO company known for its electronic products has launched a new portable amplifier. This is the FiiO A5 Amplifier which is a portable amplifier and you can carry it anywhere with you. The price of this amplifier is Rs.8,999. Let us have a look at the features of this device.

FiiO A5 Portable Amplifier launched for Rs.8,999

FiiO A5 Portable Amplifier Features

The device has  a new headphone amplifier which is better than its predecessors as per the company. This portable amplifier uses high precision metal film resistors. It uses the effective MUSES02 + LME49600 OPAMP combo. These better film resistors make it a very high quality device.

According to the company the A5 is able to achieve a total harmonic distortion (THD) rating of almost 0%. There is also an improved signal-to-noise ration of 115dB. Getting a clean power to this device is also important to deliver good sound quality. So this low-resistance power management system consists of dual +/-11V supplied power. This symmetrical power supply helps the elimination of coupling capacitors.

FiiO A5 Portable Amplifier launched for Rs.8,999

The output delivered in the headphones is just amazing with good reproducing of the music. The battery capacity of the device is 880mAh. This has 3S (three cells in series).  The current is adjusted automatically. The device when connected with a power source like a computer`s USB port, power bank, tablet’s charger,etc. it will choose the safe and appropriate charging speed.

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The device can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. It lasts for a long time of 13hours of battery life with single charge. There is a LED notification to know the battery status. The company has used a CNC stainless steel headphone connector ring. There are fifty six45 degree lines on the volume knob`s surface. This gives a very interesting look  to the user.

For a smooth finish the company has used a sandblasted finish for this device. This helps the device to be more durable and give that attractive aesthetic look. The device is priced at Rs.8,999.

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