Brainwavz Audio Krudul Duo earphone accessory now in India


Are you fed up of keeping your earphones safe or are you worried about its safety? If yes then you must checkout this latest earphone accessory named as Brainwavz Audio Krudul Duo. This is in two parts, one is Krudul Monitor and Krudul Vertical.  These are made for the earphone management system which allows the user for the convenient storage of the earphones.

Using Krudul Duo you can keep the earphones safe and in a very useful location. You can use them near your workstation, desk space or monitor. They are made of die-cast aluminum. They are able to be attached with surfaces using a 3M VHB, which is a strong double sided acrylic foam tape helping the accessory to be a trustworthy earphone hanging solution.

Brainwavz Audio Krudul Duo earphone accessory now in India

Krudul Monitor

This earphone accessory can be used to attach it behind a monitor or at a vertical black surface area. This will allow users to hang the earphones near their workstation keeping their desk clean and getting more space. It also ensures that your earphones are safe and secure.

This Krudul Monitor is having weight of 32g, width 86mm, depth 50mm and comes with a 3M VHB tape. It is all metal, self-adhesive and is a convenient tangle-free storage solution for keeping your earphones.

Krudul Vertical

This is mainly made to affix to vertical surfaces which allows safe and secure storage of your earphones. You can attach it anywhere in your house vertically or you can also attach it inside your car so that you can keep your earphones safe. It has a weight of 33g, width 32mm, height 60mm and has a 3M VHB Tape. This is also all-metal, self adhesive and is a tangle free storage. You can attach it anywhere.

Price of both Krudul Monitor and Vertical are Rs.1,199. Company provides a 2 year warranty on these products.

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  1. i was actually looking for such device, this is what i wanted. My concern is about how to fix it to the screen of my desktop? is there any manual provided?


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