Brainwavz Audio Headphone Hangers launched in India


Brainwavz Audio has launched a range of headphone hangers in India. Headphone hanger is a useful headphone accessory to hang your headphones and keep them handy and safe. They have launched 3 headphone hangers, these are Hengja, Hooka and Truss.

Brainwavz Hengja

Brainwavz Audio Headphone Hangers launched in India

These headphone hangers are especially made for small headphones to large headphones for any weight. These are desk hanger type. The construction of this hanger is made by metal and seems to be stylish and sturdy. These seem to be strong and durable. You can mount your headphones to this hanger near your desk. They can be attached to a desk, table or shelving unit. Weight of this accessory is 112g.

Price: Rs.1299

Brainwavz Hooka

Brainwavz Audio Headphone Hangers launched in India

On a comic Note: This accessory has whatsoever no connection with Hookah. 😀

It is useful for hanging your headphones. This hanger is compact and is multi-purpose. It is made from die-cast aluminum. It can also bear any weight of the headphones. You can rest small as well as large headphone bands with ease on these hangers. These can be attached to the surface using 3M VHB, which is a strong double sided acrylic foam tape which can hold heavy loads. This can be used as Headphone hanger for vertical surfaces. The weight of the accessory is 125g. The dimensions are 102 x 46 x 58 mm.

Price: Rs.1499

Brainwavz Truss

Brainwavz Audio Headphone Hangers launched in India

This headphone hanger gives you more space for your headphones. So you can at a time hang on 2 headphones on this hanger with ease. These are for the user’s comfort and convenience. Both the headphones will be properly stored with proper spacing. It can be fixed to any surface or under the desk using the 3M VHB adhesive tape. The dimensions of this hanger is 162 x 45 x 60 mm. The weight of the accessory is 135g.

Price: Rs. 1599

All these three hangers can be a great headphone accessory to keep your headphones near you at your workplace in a systematic way.

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