Sunday, October 2, 2011

Facebook vs Twitter

Hello friends, there is no such battle.

Seriously, stop comparing between these two. I’ve been on Facebook for many years now and I’m practically new on Twitter but I knew they are completely different from my first day on Twitter. I was told that Facebook is much more fun than Twitter and that the latter is basically only updating your status. WRONG! I’ve had more interactions and more fun on Twitter in these 2 months than I’ve had in years on Facebook. Facebook is really great when it comes to keeping in touch with your family and friends easily, and checking out their photos, and sharing things with them. But Twitter is like having the entire world on wheels that keep the fun coming your way. I was also told that Twitter is lame. WRONG AGAIN! I said it before and I say it again now, Twitter is only lame if you’re following lame people (and dare I say, if you’re lame too!). In one hour on Twitter, you will learn more things than you would in a week on Facebook.
If you really learn how to use Twitter, it can be the best thing ever (until something even better comes along in the future, it will for sure, but for now Twitter is doing just great). Now here are some answers that would help you start on Twitter (they’re also good if you’ve already started but not really doing well!):


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