Monday, October 10, 2011

Creating a Better Twitter Username

If you have chosen a bad name when you signed  up with Twitter, change it as soon as possible and if you are new to the service, I suggest you take some time and get a good username. With Twitter’s rapid growth it’s probably already too late to get the name you want for your Twitter profile. But don’t give up and settle for some crap name. As I will show you below, there’s always something to come up with.

If your preferred username is taken or you don’t want to use your name, be creative. Make it meaningful. Make it funny. Make it easy to read and remember! Do something that interests us. It will pay off. But don’t use any bad words in your name.
If you desired username is already in use, Twitter allows underscore, characters and numbers in your username, if you need them. I will use the name John Smith to show you a few different ways of creating a Twitter username. Keep in mind that a Twitter username can only be 15 characters long.


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