Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 Review

This time we are fulfilling a request of our fan. As per the request we reviewed a very basic mouse for the intention of basic requirements. So a very low budget mouse which will do all the tasks a mouse should do. Let us see the features including the design and the performance of this

IPL coverage can be now enjoyed with your UC Browser – Partners with leading Portals

Indian Premier League(IPL) is going to start from tomorrow. The excitement is all around India. So why not things get spiced up for you. UC Browser has taken initiative for offering you or rather taking you close to the IPL matches. They have partnered with some of the leading information providers of IPL. So let

Garmin Forerunner 610 watch review

It looks like a normal watch but it has a Pandora of usefulness. So are you looking for a trendy watch which will be very useful for you? If yes then this watch offers more than showing correct time. It has many features. So let us start knowing about them. Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS watch

Plex for Android App review

Are you always in stress when you have to keep on moving you media from one phone to another. Or from your desktop to mobile/tablet. There is an app for it to manage your media. You can do a lot of things using this app. Play and manage the media in a very useful manner.

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk v2 External hard drive review

This is one of the most talked about external hard drive. So why not review it and know about what it is all about. The experience will tell you  a lot about this hard drive. Yes, it is available in sizes from 1 TB to 4TB. We will talk about the higher end model for

H&R Block Tax Software review

Do you think that paying federal tax is a complex thing? This software will help you out to file your tax. Yes there is a software for this too. The software is recommended for homeowners and investors. It has some of the most powerful tools which will help you in filing the federal taxes. The

Nikon D7000 camera review – Is it Nikon`s best DSLR?

After a very long time by a request of a Technary Fan, we are putting up this review. People are now a days crazy about Panasonic and Cannon cameras. But Nikon is always a look to brand in the world of cameras. So we also did not forget about it. So why did we chose

Notepad Pro for Android Review

Are you looking for a light notepad app for your android phone. Ofcourse you are not happy with the default notepad and you want a more advanced notepad. For this purpose the Notepad Pro will surely come in handy for you. First let us see the features of this android app. Notepad Pro for Android

Jawbone Era 2nd-gen Bluetooth Headset review

It is time for a good headset for you. Is this a good headset? You will get to know eventually by the end of this review. The main aim of a Bluetooth headset is to take calls. But people also love to hear songs. Yes, only on one ear might be awkward, but people love

Apple Buys Novauris – Speech Recognition specialized company for Siri

Yes, the acquisitions will keep on continuing. The bigger companies will have an eye on smaller companies. This time it was a performance by Apple. They have acquired the Novauris Technologies company. This company was grown from the Dragon Systems R&D UK. The company is also known as the British Research Subsidiary. Apple buys Novauris