Coolpad Note 3 Features

A smartphone in a budget of below 10,000 is what many users are looking for. Is this smartphone the right phone for you? Well we have not yet received the device for reviewing but there are a lot of questions from our readers which need to be answered. So this is a small way to

How a touchscreen works?

Sometimes when I really think about the journey from the apes in the jungle to the robots at mars a lot of feelings of surprise, amazement and enthusiasm rush through my veins. In the world of technology when we are ambitious about robots, ironman’s suit, genetics, bio-weapons, nuclear powers and much more. I am sure

Oppo F1 First impressions – Launched for Rs. 15,990

Oppo launched a new smartphone in an event in Mumbai. We had witnessed this event and we got to use this device for a short time. So we will actually share our opinions about Oppo F1 First impressions in detail. This phone is launched at a price of Rs.15,990. The company also announced about another

10 Best Photo Editing Android Apps

Gone are the days when we used to carry a bulky camera with us; every time we go for a trip or something. With the advancement of technology all our entertainment devices like music player, television system, computer, internet, radio, camera etc. all this can be comprised into a single device YES! I’m talking about

LeEco Le 1S Features and Overview – Launched at Rs. 10,999

LeEco company launched a couple of smartphones. This company is known for their LeTv former name. LeEco is a short from for the name Le Ecosystem. Let us have a look over the LeEco Le 1S features and our overview. LeEco Le 1S Features and Overview Display This phone is having a 5.5 inch (13.97cm)

No Shortcuts in 2016 – 5 Tech jugaads to avoid

The New Year has already started and many of you might have made New Year Resolutions. Well in this fast paced life we tend to take a lot of shortcuts while doing a task. No Shortcuts in 2016 should be your motto for sure. We have very little time and more work to do. So,

10 Best Phones for Senior Citizens

Fast growing technology, daily new inventions, research and rapidly changing style and you have to run in the race with a hidden fear. Somewhere inside a small corner of your heart because you don’t want to be left behind by others; but after a certain age a feeling to slowing down arises in your mind.

5 Essential Features for a Smart Truck

In the era of smartphones the world has become smart. Actually it is the way we look at the things smartly. Innovators are trying to create a smart world and apart from gadgets, home automation it is important that Automobile industry gets more into the smarter connectivity. We all love to travel and it is

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Review – 13MP Camera with laser AF

Clicking photos from your phone has become a ritual now a days. No one has time to carry his/her digital camera with them. In this age of technology the main thing for any individual is that they don`t have much time. Yes time is a critical key, even while clicking pictures from your phone. So

DJ Afrojack Mumbai 2015 Event – Music at its Best!

Stage was set for the DJ Afrojack event at Dome, NSCI, SVP Stadium in Mumbai. A splendid Sunday evening was assigned for the music enthusiasts from places for the event. Before talking about the event I would like to say about the great enthusiasm of the crowd. People were geared up for the event and