Kingston SSDNow UV 100 60GB Review

The technology is getting advanced and the SSDs are now getting more attention. The fact is that the price of per GB with the HDDs is very high as compared to the SSDs. Also the performance of SSDs are measurably faster. Today we are going to review the Kingston UV100 60GB SSD. This SSD is

Robox 3D printer launched by element14

With everything around us becoming 3D why not the printing?? As a result of this thought being provoked, element 14 has launched the first truly plug and print 3D PRINTER from ROBOX. 3D printing is the ultimate just-in-time method of manufacturing. It sure will take additive manufacturing to the next level. The printer aims to

MHL launches Alternate Mode for USB Type-C connector

MHL or the mobile high definition link is a technology which almost connected to all android mobiles. MHL enabled smart phones and tablets connect to HD displays, thus delivering crystal clear HD content and amazing surround sound, while simultaneously charging the phone. MHL launches Alternate Mode This single instance is enough to hammer the importance

Raspberry Pi A+ board launched for Rs.1,513 by Element14

element14 has introduced the all new Raspberry Pi Model A+. This model is the successor of its previous model which was launched earlier this year. The Raspberry Pi A+ has been made more energy efficient and is cheaper than all its previous models.   Raspberry Pi A+ board The model comes with 700MHz Broadcom BCM2835

Google SMEHeroes launched – Initiative with CII to help SMBs

The stage was set and Google SME heroes campaign launched in Pune at the JW Marriott(one of the finest hotels in Pune). Ofcourse the event was of the best search engine Google thinking to help the small medium businesses from India to succeed online. In this event a lot of plans of Google were announced.

ASUS Gladius Gaming Mouse launched in India for Rs.4,500

The ASUS Republic of gamers, lets out a dazzling news for its gaming addicts. The introduction of ROG Gladius optical wired gaming mouse is no lesser than a surprise. This is the world’s first mouse with 2000Hz USB polling rate support. It targets the right-handed gamers who seek precision, ergonomicttons  comfort and a competitive advantage

Kingston HyperX Impact SO-DIMM Review

As we know that Kingston has already launched their HyperX series and the Impact RAMs are the buzzword for some of our audience. We managed to get the HyperX Impact RAM for review. The Kingston devices are very reliable, but is this device going to be useful for you? Let us find that out? Kingston

Kingston M2 SATA SSD 120GB Review

We have another SSD from Kingston. Well as you know that SSD help in getting good file copying speeds of upto 550Mb/ps. The kingston devices have a quality and we want to check all the aspects of this SSD. We had educated our audience about the SSD in our previous review. You can check the

6 Best Free Andoid Live Wallpaper Apps

A wallpaper also known as background display. It is a digital image (drawing or photo) used as a decorative background of a GUI(graphical user interface) on the screen of mobile or tablets or other electronic devices. Wallpapers are usually comes as a default in the mobile which we can change it .This wallpapers  generally appear

BURG 12 Smartwatch launched for $199

What if I tell you that your watch is your new smartphone? Sounds crazy, right?!Well actually not, BURG, the leading smartwatch company, unveiled its latest flamboyant smartwatch under the hood name “BURG12” which I personally would like to call “smawatchophone”. The functionality of a watch and a smartphone is so skillfully conflated that you will